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logiciel de piratage msn

logiciel de piratage msn

les logiciel de pirater les msn


fEvicol v1.0

fEvicol v1.0 is a simple executable(exe)+JPEG image(jpg) binder. The icon of the binded executable is configurable, Lauches both the executable and picture when lauched. Check ReadMe.txt for more details.


MSN Password Finder v2.0 for Win XP/2003

MSN Password Finder v2.0 for Windows XP & 2003, reveals the stored[saved] MSN Messenger Password on the computer. This new version is compatible with the new-method of storing passwords. Tested on WinXP SP2 with MSN Messenger 7.0


RediffMail Notifier

RediffMail Notifier is a small utility that alerts you when new e-mails arrive in your rediffmail inbox, by checking your account regularly while sitting in the system tray. It requires Microsoft .NET Runtime. Screenshot


Password Revealer For Internet Explorer

Password Revealer for Internet Explorer reveals whats behind the asterisks (***) in a web-page. Can be used to viewing password that has just been typed in password-field (see Screensot). Requires Microsoft .NET Runtime. Screenshot


peck v1.0

peck v1.0 is PE [Portable Executable] Signature Scanner - Detects Packers / Cryptors / Compilers etc..



Password Revealer ( less than 5KB in size ) is a useful utiltity that reveals the password stored behind the asterisks ("****") in ordinary password fields. Works in Windows 9x,2000,XP,2003 Screenshot



Tiny Web Cam Viewer (2.26KB in size), is a pocket sized utility that you can use to view through your webcam. Screenshot



Displays CPU Information - Requires Microsoft .NET Framework



Displays WHOIS Information of a domain-name, like information about - Requires Microsoft .NET Framework


MSN Password Finder v1.0

Finds the MSN Messenger Password stored on your computer. Works only in cases where the current-user has chosen to remember the pass in MSN Messenger. Works with MSN Messenger 6.x, 7.x .. Tested on Win2K, WinXP. Njoi!!


DelIE5xcom (Removed Temporarily)

Internet Explorer - Delivery System - DelIE5xcom Information Page

(Uses IE Bug )


DelIE5HTA (Removed Temporarily)

Internet Explorer - Delivery System - DelIE5HTA Information Page

(Uses HTA - IE Bug / The one that was used by KAK Worm)


SixthSense [RC2]

SixthSense RC2 [Release Candidate 2] Has Now IP Address revealing function. It exploits a flaw found in MSN Messenger 6.0 or lower, or Windows Messenger to get the IP Address. [Use a Sniffer and find out what the program is doing ;), don't mail me asking for it ]

SixthSense [RC1]

SixthSense can be used to find the real status of a MSN Messenger user. The method used here is flawless! More functions to be added to SixthSense.

IceCold ReLoaded

IceCold ReLoaded has the same functionality IceCold, but has been updated with the new msn protocol. IceCold ReLoaded is capable of locking or freezing an MSN Passport Account (, etc..). This person won't be able to access his/her hotmail account, sign into msn messenger etc.. is IceCold ReLoaded is launched on his/her account. The person can resume the normal activities as soon as IceCold ReLoaded is stopped.

Due to the unethical nature of this program, I would advice the users to  use the program wisely.


IceCold (Obsolete)

IceCold can be used to Freeze an MSN Passport Account. Can disallow a person from accessing his hotmail mailbox, msn messenger etc.. Please use IceCold ReLoaded for the purpose.. this version has been posted here only for historical purposes.

FUn WIth MSN v1.0

Add fake plugins/application names to your MSN Messenger to have some fun with your MSN Buddies... 



CusExt is a simple program to associate an extension with a program.



Avril is a simple multi-threaded bulk mailer. Highly Buggy S/W!!

Avril Source Code - zip file is password protected.. break it (its really easy_.. and have the source code.. don't mail me asking for the password..



The World's Smallest PE [ Portable Executable]. Its only 513 bytes in size!! Tested in Win98SE & WinXP..



Chota Add-On -by- da_neural

The World's Smallest Keylogger!! Its only 724 bytes!! It logs the keys to C:.SYS. Please read Info.txt ( in ) for more information on this tiny keylogger! :)

BIOS Password Remover

The program tries to remove the bios password. It seems to work only in AWARD bios and a few older older bios. Please read the ReadMe.txt before using the program.. Author takes no responsibility for any damage caused by the use of this program!! Works in Win9x/ME ONLY!!!

MSN Password Decryptor v2.0 (Obsolete)


Decrypts the encrypted password stored in the registry. Works only in cases where you've chosen to remember the pass in MSN Messenger. (Now. Works with newer MSN version.. tested it on Win98SE only!!) 


RoBis v1.0



RoBis is a simple anonymous mailer with a special feature that you needn't specify an SMTP Server to send a mail. RoBis queries the DNS server for mail exchange server of the receipient's e-mail address and sends it.. 

It works on most servers.. i tested it on yahoo, hotmail, rediffmail, gmx, vsnl, sify and eth accounts.. :D


Hanuman Server


Hanuman Server is a simple daemon that runs on port 3333 (0xD05) which give a DOS Shell to anyone who connects to that port.. 



PortScan is a simple port scanner that scans about 28 know ports under port no. 127.. it may fail in slow internet connections :( 


[ Boring Saturday Evening Product ]

It just kills the foreground window, in case it has any of the keywords specified in Gorgons.txt ( editable ). It doesn't install itself, so, you'll have to put a short cut in startup folder or modify the registry. It can be used to kill pop-up ads, porno sites etc..

MSN Password Decryptor (Obsolete)


Decrypts the encrypted password stored in the registry. Works only in cases where you've chosen to remember the pass in MSN Messenger.



KillSSKC is an uninstaller for SSKC v1.x, v2.0. It searches in process list to locate the SSKC by name and if located deletes the EXE and the DLL.



PEncrypt v4.0ط



Nice few improvement from the previous version. Catches few more Application level debuggers, Tracers etc.. Beats detection by AVP (most of the times)



PEncrypt v4.0ك



PEncrypt v4.0ك is best of all the versions! Features include.. SoftICE & ICEDump Detection routines. Anti /TRACEX. Anti Application Level Debuggers. Polymorphic Encrypted Decryptors ( a lame one though ). and ofcourse Multi-layer encryption. So Check it out!!!!



SSKC v2.0 (BugFixed)



SSKC v2.0 ( Super Stealth Key Capturer) is a keylogger with SMTP support. It can kill AntiVirus and FireWalls and similar applications. It comes with a config utility TweakSSKC. Have FUN!!! ( thanx toma iulica for reporting the bug )


CrackMe 08/07/02


CrackMe July 8th, 2002 Release.. a rather simple CrackMe meant for beginners! It has multiple checking.. and serial sniffing isn't possible... so just check it out!!


ELFCrypt v1.0


A small update to v0.666. Download Source!


ELFCrypt v0.666


ELFCrypt is a simple cryptor for linux executable ( ELF)...


PEncrypt v3.1 (Final)


PEncrypt v3.1 is the most sophisticated of all the version of PEncrypt. It can now generate Polymorphic Decryptor which adds security to your application. Its a must download from this page!!


PEncrypt v3.0


PEncrypt v3.0 is highly stable PE encryptor for Win9x (can be used in Win2k/ME/Xp with some options off)... Its has powerful Anti-* routines than screws up some system level debuggers! Read README.TXT for more details!


PEditor v1.0 (Updated)


PE Editor is a simple program that can used to edit the main parts of the PE Header... Source Included!!




A Generic OEP (Original Entry Point) Seeker... read README.TXT for more details!


PEncrypt v2.0


PEncrypt v2.0 - This program is much above the class of PEncrypt v1.0, which doesn't come with anti-* stuff that this version of PEncrypt possess! Main Features :- Anti-Dump, Anti-Dasm, Anti-Trace, Anti-SoftICE, Anti-Debuggers, Ring0 etc...




CHTML - Crypted Hyper Text Markup Language... A utility that CRYPTS normal HTML pages so that its source remains senseless to a casual _code stealer_




A ICQ Send Message Utiltiy. Send Messages Anonymously to anybody using ICQ... you call it a ICQ half-clone...




Unkracable Encryption - Create Self Extractable Encryped Files




Extract Your RAR Archives Quickly - Very Fast Unarchiver




Media Player - Plays MP3, WAV, AU, SND, WMA, MID etc..




SMTP Client - Send Your Mail Anonymously - Very Fast, Robust ... 




Playlist Creator in M3U Format, Use it to create Playlist that can be played from Media Player




Explorer Program similar to Norton Commander,.. Browse thru folder, open files, execute 'em and more..




Super Stealth Key Capturer - A Stealth Key Logger, It hides its existence from CTRL-ALT-DEL.




Visual Basic Script Encrypting Tool. Decryptors are polymorphic with random variables of variable length. 




Valhalla "the unlimited digits" Calculator. It has some funcitons like GCD, Prime Checking, Perfect Square Checking etc..


Patch Maker


Its a small yet efficient patch maker.. which i have christened it as 'A Silly Patch Maker'. Please read Instruction before using it. 


PEncrypt v1.0


PEncrypt - A PE (Portable Executable) Encryption Utility. Use simple XOR encryption! So it may get detected as other common debuggers! (I have posted this for historical reasons only!)

piratage +
une méthode un peu difficile pour avoir un mot de pass
voici l'excellente version de mail bomber
il donne tout les information sur un sit web ( piratage )
ce logiciel vous aide à dominer autre ordinateur

pour pirater le mot de passe d'un compte msn .